Our Team


Vic Stonehouse

Transition Pastor

Vic has been selected to assist the church during the transition period as we are searching for a new lead pastor.


Tyler McAlister

Assistant Pastor

Tyler is new to his role and passionate about learning to lead with excellence. His energy and excitement make him a great addition to our team as we pursue our mission to make a difference in our community.


Deanna Julicher

Children & Student Ministries Director

Deanna’s mission is to lead children and youth on the exciting adventure of discovering, and following Jesus. Her role is modeling for children and teens how faith can enhance their joys and provide practical help in their struggles.


Doug Allman


Doug is responsible for keeping the church clean and tidy between events, services, and various church activities. Doug goes above and beyond in everything he does.


Lori Ryce

Care Coordinator

Lori has had the privilege of attending and serving at WFMC since August 2003. Having taught multi-grade classrooms for 17 years, running a small tutoring business, providing contract work for Bridgeway Family Homes and she is the Care Coordinator at WFMC.


Cheryl Parkes

Office Administrator

Cheryl is the office administrator. You can find her in the office helping to keep the us running smooth and keep everyone informed.