First Time?

It can be pretty intimidating walking into a place for the first time.  But if you give us the chance, our goal is to make it a comfortable experience.  We want you to be able to relax and enjoy an experience designed to provide practical help in understanding God and what it might mean to live for him.  We start the service at 10am Sundays, but we invite you to join us before that to grab a coffee and treats as we get started.

So what can you expect?

Dress Code
Simple. There isn’t one. Wear whatever you’re comfortable in. That’s what the rest of us do.


For The Kids
We love kids. Real kids. Who talk, and sing, and make noise, and squirm. They matter as much as the adults. We’ll try not to bore them (or you). But some stuff is hard for a little one to sit through, so for that part of the service they get a creative interactive program of their own.


Keeping it Real
We live in the real world, just like you. So we don’t do archaic language, organ music, or irrelevant speeches.

If you’re ready to give us a chance, you’ll need to know where we are!